S.I.T. Day 30: Happiness Is…

Five things that make me happy? Easy-peasy.

1.) Learning/Teaching: When it comes to learning, I’m like a 2yr old who constantly asks “why?”. Not to be a brat but, if I’m intrigued by something, a superficial overview simply ain’t enough. I got questions. I wanna dig deeper. I wanna understand the nuances. And the more I understand something, the more excited I get about sharing it with others. And that’s why I love teaching so much. I love the challenge of finding effective ways to communicate concepts, ideas and skills to others; especially in ways that inspire curiosity and excitement in them too.

2.) Moving: Dance has always been a liberating form of physical self-expression for me. It’s my safe space for exploring all sides of my personality and my range of emotions; honestly and without shame. Plus, it’s my escape from reality. Pilates, however, brings me into the present moment; mentally and physically. And it continues to nurture my body long after my career as a dancer and aerial artist; with all its lingering injuries and imbalances. Pilates releases those yummy feel-good hormones while showing me how resilient and capable I am.

3.)Talking/Listening: My friends used to call me Oprah because I like to ask questions. And yes, a secret fantasy of mine is to be a talk-show host. The human experience fascinates me. I love to know the backstories of people’s lives; what shaped their personality, their value system and their choices. I believe that the more we exchange our own personal stories; from life and love lessons, wins and losses, fears and failures; the more we grow in compassion and understanding for others. And the more we learn about ourselves.

4.) Writing: I was definitely not a nerd in school but I loved to read the dictionary. Words were my jam! And my fascination with compiling words into stories began in Mr. Craig’s 5th grade class and I’ve been writing ever since; from short stories, to poems, personal essays and, of course – journaling. Writing is another place I get to express the raw and uncensored parts of myself, step into the land of make believe, or fully face my reality.

5.) Touch: To touch is to transfer love, affection, healing, warmth, and compassion. It’s a form of bonding based on trust, respect and connection. It’s an analgesic. As a Licensed Massage Therapist I use touch to promote relaxation and facilitate the healing process in others. As a Pilates teacher I use the skill of touch as a stabilizing support or a movement guide. And in my personal life, I’m just a big ol’ hugger.

Basically, what makes me happy is exploring ways to communicate information, ideas, skills, stories, experiences, emotions, and affection. Those are my happy places. What do you expect from a Gemini who’s exceptionally curious, highly loquacious, and super-affectionate (if I like you)?

31 Days of Soaked In Thought

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