Virtual Pilates

Kira Lamb instucting a virtual pilates class

You may derive all the benefits of Contrology in your own home – Joseph Pilates

Wherever you are in the world, you can cultivate your inner Contrology Freak™ by joining my virtual Pilates Mat classes or Private lessons. I look forward to motivating you toward your goals and guiding you through each workout in a way that empowers the way you move and feel in your body.

Intro to Pilates: Pop-Up Workshop

This 4-week workshop series is designed specifically for absolute beginners who want a challenging workout but also want to understand how to do each Pilates exercise in a way that gets results. We will break down each beginner Pilates Mat exercise "phonetically"; using fundamental movement & alignment principles to ensure a safe & effective practice that leaves you feeling invigorated vs. debilitated.

This quarterly event is the perfect preparation for Rock Your Powerhouse™ (BEG/INT) classes.
Look for dates in: Jan, Apr, July, Oct

Rock Your Powerhouse™ is a BEG/INT Pilates Mat class dedicated to strengthening deep connections to your POWERHOUSE (core) & in every single exercise. We'll train to move our bodies from a place of strength, stability, stamina, & control; both on and off the Mat!

Each class draws inspiration from Joseph Pilates' book Return to Life Through Contrology to enhance your understanding of his Method and the wisdom behind his health & fitness philosophies.

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Flow Like Joe™ is an INT Pilates Mat class designed around continuous movement, rhythm play, and seamless transitions.

We’ll take the centering, precision, and control from Rock Your Powerhouse™ and pick up the pace which challenges the coordination between your mind and body.

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Joe's Disciple™ is an INT/ADV Pilates Mat class based on the original 34 exercises Joseph Pilates developed for complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.

Building upon the skills we’ve practiced in Rock Your Powerhouse™ & Flow Like Joe™ we will progressively add ADV exercises into our workouts, including overhead/ inversion exercises.

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Virtual Private Lessons: Please contact me here

Join us on the mat!

Experience the collective energy of a bunch of Contrology Freaks. Consistently practice this full-body workout using the strength, stability, and stamina of your “powerhouse” to transform the way you move and feel in your body.