I Find Calm in the Chaos Through…

I find calm in the chaos through three key rituals: prayer, movement and journaling.

More coveted than my morning matcha is my nightly conversation with the Universe. With one hand on my heart and the other on my solar plexus, I feel deeply grounded as the spirit world coalesces with my inner-world. Copal incense permeates the air, lulling me into a peaceful state. Gratitude usually spills out first. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I have freedoms, privileges and hope that many in the world do not. I have treasured friends and family, a career that I love and a comfortable home in my favorite NYC neighborhood. I get to live curiously and passionately and I take absolutely none of that for granted; especially when juxtaposed against the pain, trauma and suffering experienced throughout the world. None of this is owed to me and none of it is promised. So while I do possess this rare sense of peace and possibility, I ask to be guided to use it well. Like the butterfly effect I want to know how to flap my little wings in Brooklyn to create ripples of positive energy in the world. I want to know how to use my skills, talents and resources to feel fulfilled while also being in successful service to others. And, I want to know how to make my connections feel more authentic and meaningful. This open-hearted conversation with the unseen but deeply felt cracks me wide open; guiding me toward a deeper self-awareness about how I show up in the world. Plus, how my choices and behavioral patterns create my own personal calm or chaos. 

Another favorite ritual is movement. As a lifelong dancer turned aerial artist and Pilates teacher, movement has always felt like an intimate relationship between my mind and body. When they work together, they remind me of what I’m capable of if I keep showing up and putting forth intentional effort. While mind and body are in constant conversation I’m keenly listening to my internal responses to success and failure; clarity and confusion; ease and discomfort. Sometimes movement feels like liberation! But other times it’s about accepting unwanted realities with grace and patience; both of which are required for personal growth and a sense of calm.

And last but not least is the ritual of journaling. As Joan Didion said, “I write to know what I’m thinking… what I want and what I fear”.  Journaling is a revealer of my truth. It lets me know how I feel about myself, my relationships, career, life path and the world around me. And that inspires me to live with greater intention and to make daily choices in better alignment with my most authentic wants, needs and desires. Journaling is also where I source my creativity, dream audaciously, and plan for my future. The more I write, the more my self-worth grows and I feel more empowered to stretch into new possibilities. That self-belief translates into an inner-calm and hopefully seeps into my interactions with others.

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