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Check out Kira Lamb’s tip on the many ways to use our Push Up Device. We find that so many non-instructor practitioners haven’t really incorporated the use of it into their practice. #TeamGratz, how much time did you spend in your comprehensive program training with the Push Up Device? Do tell!

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Pilates Unfiltered

From the cacophony of working in big cities to teaching Pilates in Turks and Caicos, Kira Lamb’s story is a multifaceted adventure in teaching, moving and life! In this beautiful conversation, Jenna and Kira connect through a deep dive of inquiry behind some of the stories that formed the driving forces behind Kira’s gifts as a teacher of movement as well as many of the ways that our practices shift to meet the different stages of our lives. Get ready to think, laugh and be inspired!

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Guest post, written by Kira Lamb: Chris Robinson - Keeping Joe’s Legacy Alive

When you’re a two-time Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion like Chris Robinson you value tradition, legacy, and respect for one’s teachers. As an International Pilates teacher himself, Chris honors his mentors Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes with the conscious intention of preserving what Joseph Pilates passed on to them; and them to him.

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People Magazine

The Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist that turned her life upside down to chase her dreams twice. “I moved to NYC at age 23 to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer. Almost 20years of performing and one divorce later, the blogger, currently creating Indie Girl Fitness “a feminine workout for the soul” traded busy New York life for a private resort island in Turks & Caicos. “As a performer I got to entertain people” she says “But as a bodyworker I get to witness a physical and emotional transformation in people. It changes how they engage the world.”

“I’m learning to sit with my darkest thoughts and heaviest emotions and breathe through them knowing they’ll eventually pass.’ But in that slowing down and in that seclusion, Kira says she has learned something far more valuable than she expected.”

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“You can build a sense of trust and freedom through movement. Movement is such a powerful form of therapy. For women to feel comfortable in their bodies and express their emotions through movement and challenge themselves, it makes it easier to do that in your real life.”

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How I “Ditched the Rat Race” and learned a lesson in keeping my mind and heart open to possibility.