Nurture Your Self. Live Fully.

Since 2002 I’ve been customizing Pilates and Massage Therapy programs for people like you in NYC, LA, and at COMO Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos. My fascination with the healing arts was cultivated during my career in the performing arts.

My 20 years as a professional dancer and aerial artist - with it’s inevitable injuries - left me in awe of my body’s resilience; especially with consistent Pilates, Massage Therapy and, of course, patience & compassion.

That’s how I was able to perform at an extremely high level into my early forties despite herniated discs, SI joint dysfunction, labral tears, knee surgery, and other overuse injuries. I also realized that

how you move & feel in your body = how you move & feel in life.

Now that I'm over 50 and no longer performing, I refuse to surrender to a sedentary life of chronic pain and discomfort. Experience both on and off-stage has taught me that how you move and feel in your body is a metaphor for how you move and feel in life. Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stuck is not what I want for myself.

Regular Pilates, massage therapy, and creative self-expression never fail at peeling back the layers of physical and emotional pain that threaten my ability to live fully.

That commitment to myself inspires personal growth and gratitude; empowering me to seize life with energy, confidence, and purpose.

When you make it a priority to MOVE your body, UNWIND your tension, and EXPRESS your truth, the possibilities for living a fulfilled life are endless.

Where would you like to begin?

I want you to feel so present and empowered in your physical body that you can inhale life’s challenges with strength, flexibility, and authenticity. And exhale gratitude.

About Kira

Kira Lamb is dedicated to using her skills as a Certified Pilates Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist (in training), and Writer to motivate people toward their greatest potential; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Besides working 1-on-1, she has created signature group class experiences, Contrology Freak™ and SOAK™, which merges movement with the emotionally healing elements of journaling and aromatherapy.

I most appreciated that the work Kira did was customized to my needs. She’s a miracle worker!

I couldn’t have run the marathon without Kira! She created a weekly program that included 2hrs of Myofascial Release & a 1hr Pilates workout which kept me injury free and limber through 4mos of rigorous training. I most appreciated that the work Kira did was customized to my needs. She’s a miracle worker!

– Evan F.