#soakedinthought – A Monthly Writing Ritual

Journal Writing As Self-Care  

#soakedinthought is a monthly writing ritual that accesses your innate power to create the life that you want, instead of operating on automatic pilot or being a victim of circumstance. It’s designed to reveal your deepest truths; how you feel about yourself, your relationships, your career, and your life path. But it also inspires you to live with greater intention and make daily choices in alignment with your most authentic wants, needs, and desires.

I think of journaling as a physical exercise that challenges you to discover more efficient ways to MOVE through life by helping you assess your current emotional fitness level. Writing is the great revealer of your deep-seated beliefs that shape your behavioral patterns and emotional response patterns, possibly inhibiting your ability to live to your greatest potential. And that increased self-awareness empowers you to stretch into new possibilities while strengthening your belief in yourself, your values, and your true purpose.

Journaling is also a way to UNWIND and release the emotions that congest your energy; like suppressed fear, anger, or sadness. When those emotions become stagnant they reinforce negative beliefs about yourself and the world around you, which hold you back from making choices that support your most authentic wants, needs, and desires. And when you don’t allow yourself to feel and process those emotions, they get harbored in your body (your fascia, specifically) creating physical pain, limited mobility, or postural dysfunction.

Lastly, journaling is a liberating way to EXPRESS who you are and how you feel in the moment. It helps you to self-identify, gain insight into why you make the choices you do, and ultimately cultivate a more purposeful and passionate life that feels fulfilling.

But I’m Not a Writer!

Journaling isn’t for public consumption so it’s a perfectly safe space to garble, spill your guts, and spew incoherent thoughts and ideas without shame. It gives you the freedom to have an open and honest conversation with your subconscious without judgement. And it allows you to be you – unapologetically and uncensored. You’ll get to see yourself from a totally different vantage point. Journaling gives you a birds-eye view into your psyche and a platform for creating the life that you want.

#soakedinthought is:

  • feeling grounded in self-awareness, self-discovery, & confidence
  • speaking your truth without fear or shame
  • living with intention & designing your life around your wants, needs, & desires
  • recognizing the patterns of behavior that don’t serve your intentions
  • committing to choices in alignment with your truth
  • loving yourself through life’s greatest challenges
  • celebrate your mini-victories & major successes

Begin your writing ritual today!

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