Something I’ve been consistent at this year is…

Something I’ve been consistent at this year is Pilates. Yes, I’m a bonafide Contrology Freak™️ but, when life feels overwhelming, I tend to make up random excuses and neglect my workouts. And let’s just say, life has felt a bit overwhelming this year. #realtalk

Despite my passion for Pilates, left to my own devices, I might squander my time ruminating on any and every stressor I can lament over. But, instead, I’ve leaned into my practice as a grounding ritual that boosts my mood and reminds me that I’m capable of transformation and growth. 

I’ve relied heavily upon private lessons, group classes, and lots of continuing education for accountability; and each workout feels like a guided, moving meditation. The world and its stressors disappear for an hour and I get to connect with my body, mind, and spirit. My practice reminds me that my mind has the power to make the seemingly impossible – possible. But that requires committing to a process of trial and error while showing myself a bit of grace. I also have to let go of habits that are inhibiting my progress, even though creating new ones often feels awkward and uncomfortable. The empowering results I get from my Pilates practice inspires the way I approach the overwhelm in my life; with “patience and persistence” as Joseph Pilates said. His Method reminds me of what I’m capable of when I accept challenges as learning opportunities and choose personal growth over stagnancy.

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