Something I’ve gotten really good at this year is…

Even through my anxiety, one thing I’ve gotten better at this year is trusting myself & the timing of my life. Because, one day I can feel like a rockstar; owning my power and living my truth. And the next day I can feel like a hopeless shit-show. While this has been a challenging year for me, I actually don’t feel hopeless!

One of the best things about being in my fifties is the decades of life experience that have taught me about who I am, how I navigate the world, and the power of my choices. Also, that I’m resilient AF! I’ve learned that, even the most heartbreaking, ego-shattering, “I wanna disappear” moments are temporary. And that gratitude and hope are the stilts to stand upon when treading through the muck of life. From up there, I’ve got the clarity of a birds-eye view which is important because, it’s hard to create change when my spirit is rooted in negative vibrational energy. Mindset is everything. And so is taking bold (& sometimes scary) action steps to shift my reality. 

Life has also reminded me to remain grounded and humble during my highest of highs, ‘cause all that ego-inflating goodness can be snatched away in a hot minute; from relationships, jobs, finances, health (& even my youthful looks). It’s one thing to feel proud and confident of whom I’ve become and what I’ve accomplished, and another thing to gloat and act like I ain’t got shit else to learn in this life. The Universe will snatch my ego with a quickness!

So, I trust myself and the timing of my life because I view every situation as an opportunity for self-understanding and growth. I just wanna do better, be better and live a life fulfilled. 

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