In “NO”vember, I’m saying “yes” to…

In “NO”vember I’m saying “yes” to the kind of clarity that’ll inspire some new life decisions and motivate me to take action vs continuing to coast on auto-pilot like I have for most of 2022. It’s time to figure out which way I’d like to grow so I don’t remain stuck in status quo.

The previous two years – Covid lockdown – were dedicated to career “pivoting” & social isolation which fueled my anxiety and depleted me. I was exhausted from the mental & emotional stamina it required, without the balance of real human connection. Not to mention the ever-growing socio-political polarization & racial tension that compounded my stress. All of that clearly took its toll because, when the world finally opened up and I was forced to pivot in my business again, I was tapped out of creative energy and discipline. When I was finally free to take advantage of this great city, socialize and resume my hobbies; my already introverted nature didn’t know how to navigate too far from the comfort of my home.

All of that is starting to change. I’m triple-dog-daring myself to emerge from this cocoon and create the life that I imagine. So, in November, I’m saying a big ol’ “YES!” to letting my imagination soar. I’m saying “yes”‘to the things that light me up and make me come alive. I’m saying “yes” to exploring my creativity, deep-diving into my passions, growing my business, increasing my earning potential and expanding my social circle. I’m saying “yes” to living a fulfilled life. Starting now!

7 Days of Soaked in Thought

S.I.T is an invitation to SIT with yourself – for a few minutes per day – to think your thoughts, feel your feels & express your emotions with a JOURNALING RITUAL. These 7 days are dedicated to “NO”vember; saying “no”, creating boundaries and honoring your needs. I’ll be posting daily journaling prompts as a source of inspiration for becoming #soakedinthought

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