Even through the chaos I can…

Even through the chaos I can maintain my focus, remember the essence of who I am and what my purpose is. I can welcome each day as a new opportunity that’s full of possibility and root that possibility in my core values. I can “be the change” – in my own small way – even if it feels insignificant. And while trying to contribute positively to the world, I can also find ways to manage my stress and anxiety rather than ignoring my mental health.  I can choose radical self-care, by any means necessary. I can rest, retreat, exercise, dance, write, nourish, nurture, communicate, and feel my feels. 

But that’s the glass half-full part of me. The other half reminds me that it’s fucking easier said than done when I’m in the trenches; balancing global chaos with my own personal chaos. It’s easy to bust out the “woo-woo” speech because that’s how we’re “supposed” to confront shit. But the social, political, economic, and environmental shit that we are experiencing right now makes it hard to breathe let alone feel resourceful and hopeful. When so much is at risk and so many people are genuinely suffering in ways that I can’t even imagine, personal dreams and aspirations feel narcissistic. Like, where’s the reset button ’cause we need a do-over?

I guess that even through the chaos, I can take it moment by moment while building and relying upon trustworthy support systems. Because, now more than ever, I (we) need the help and healing of community.

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