Something I Love About Black Culture Is…

One of the many things I love about my culture is that, collectively, we know our worth and will never stop fighting for political, social and economic equity. We are the original activists. From subjugation, violent oppression, and institutional racism we have led the journey toward progress by birthing leaders, ideas and opportunities for us and others. We are resilient visionaries and social justice warriors.

Also, no matter what we’ve ever lacked in access and opportunity we’ve used our intellect, creativity and ingenuity to make the unimaginable a reality. Thanks to Black inventors we still benefit from inventions like the 3 light traffic light (Garret Morgan), refrigerated trucks (Frederick McKinley Jones), and automatic elevator doors (Alexander Miles). And this type genius wasn’t limited to men but also inventors like Sarah Boone who received a patent for an improved ironing board. And Sarah Goode who was the 1st Black woman to receive a US patent for her folding cabinet bed. There are so many important Black inventors that are never mentioned in textbooks.

Black people also have a unique and undeniable gift for self expression; from our food, music, art, and dance; to the way we speak (& adeptly code switch). We also tend to excel at sports. And despite the pervasive anti-Blackness that exists, people around the world try to emulate us.

No matter how much people and institutions try to diminish our worth we stand in our power and keep creating magic.

S.I.T. With Yourself in February

This month’s #soakedinthought journaling prompts are inspired by Black History Month which is observed in February by the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in celebration of the African diaspora including African-American history.

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