In 10yrs I Want My Body to Feel…

In 10 years I’ll be 62 and I want my body to feel like a goddamn superhero! But that’s been my goal since I was 10 years old. I never wanna give up that dream or aspirational mindset because it keeps me active. And it motivates me to prioritize movement, even on days when sloth feels like the preferred option.

My super-hero fantasies, although child-like, motivate me to push myself toward even greater pain-free mobility. This is why Pilates is my jam! It’s not designed for status quo mentality. It’s designed for people like me who want to keep getting stronger, more flexible, more agile and more powerful. I live for those moments in a Pilates workout when I can finally do the thing that once seemed impossible. Impossible like…

if there’s ever a reunion show of Off Broadway’s “De La Guarda: Villa-Villa” I wanna put on my aerial harness and still be able to run on walls like Spidey, bungee jump into the audience and stomp on metal stages under the rain. Impossible like… if the NY Knick City Dancers call for our next reunion on the court at half-time, I still wanna be able to move with dance team speed and precision while wearing booty shorts and Dr. Martens. And, drop into a center split from a double turn without cracking straight own the middle. Or impossible like… if Gloria Estefan ever went back on tour, I still wanna be able to salsa in heels vs orthopedic sneakers. And for my hips to still be able to wind up, wiggle, and shake to the Miami Sound Machine.

Now, the odds of any of this ever happening is maybe 0.5%. But a sista wants to be prepared for any hypothetical situation in which I’m called back into my past life. I wanna feel like “I still got it”. 

S.I.T. With Yourself in April

This month’s #soakedinthought journaling prompts are dedicated to body confidence and fitness as a lifestyle. As we move into Spring and the fitness industry ramps up its messaging about getting “in shape” for Summer, I hope you’ll sit with yourself to figure out what your body, mind, and spirit need to feel healthy, fit, and happy – without all the external voices.

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