My Favorite Way to Exercise is…

You’d never know it by current life but my favorite way to exercise is to dance. Albert Einstein said “dancers are the athletes of god” and I wholeheartedly agree. Dance is a full-body workout that requires skill, technique, strength, flexibility, grace, imagination, and vulnerability. And while it requires extreme athleticism, it somehow doesn’t feel like a “workout” because it’s also creative self-expression. 

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It’s Hard to Stick to a Fitness Routine When….

It’s hard to stick to a fitness routine when I don’t make it a consistent, non-negotiable item on my calendar. It’s crazy how quickly life can disrupt my workout plans, no matter how important physical fitness is to me or how much I love the way I feel post-workout. And when I say “life”, that can sometimes mean scrolling social media or binge-watching House Hunters on HGTV. “Procrastination is the thief of time” and an energy zapper. Yep, even though I’m a fitness professional that loves to move – on most days – I’m not in the mood to workout.

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