It’s Hard to Stick to a Fitness Routine When….

It’s hard to stick to a fitness routine when I don’t make it a consistent, non-negotiable item on my calendar. It’s crazy how quickly life can disrupt my workout plans, no matter how important physical fitness is to me or how much I love the way I feel post-workout. And when I say “life”, that can sometimes mean scrolling social media or binge-watching House Hunters on HGTV. “Procrastination is the thief of time” and an energy zapper. Yep, even though I’m a fitness professional that loves to move – on most days – I’m not in the mood to workout.

Consistency, though, makes up for times I lack motivation. Already on my calendar, and in perpetuity, are 3 private Pilates lessons/week and one group class. Same times, every week! Everything else gets scheduled around my workouts. And if I cancel at the last minute because “I’m not in the mood” – boom – that’s money lost. And so I show up, and I love it. I get to be guided through each workout with expert eyes and instruction. Each week I feel myself getting progressively stronger while developing a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method. Plus, my teachers are constantly challenging me in new ways while also correcting my alignment and inefficient movement habits in ways I could never do on my own. 

Every workout feels empowering! And, without fail, every Pilates lesson drastically alters my mood and boosts my energy and productivity. Those are the feelings I recall every time I’m tempted to “late cancel” despite the cost. The other life stuff can wait. Pilates recharges my body, mind, and spirit so I can do life better. 

S.I.T. With Yourself in April

This month’s #soakedinthought journaling prompts are dedicated to body confidence and fitness as a lifestyle. As we move into Spring and the fitness industry ramps up its messaging about getting “in shape” for Summer, I hope you’ll sit with yourself to figure out what your body, mind, and spirit need to feel healthy, fit, and happy – without all the external voices.

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