My Polyamorous Relationship With Essential Oils

It begins with curiosity.

What do you do when you’ve got a passion for holistic healing modalities, an acute sense of smell, a rabid obsession with natural scents, and a pure aversion to synthetic ones? You take your schnoz on an aromatic love fest by enrolling in Aromatherapy school!

Yes, I’m studying to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist!

I was initially intimidated by the whole science-y part of it until I realized that studying essential oils (EOs) is like developing new relationships.

It’s like sharing intimate conversations that give you insight into what shapes someone’s character; including where they’re from (country of origin & environment), their family (botanical & chemical), their personality (emotional & energetic qualities) and what their skills and talents are (therapeutic benefits).

Do you believe in love at first sniff?

With some EOs our chemical attraction feels instant and irresistible –  as if we’ve traveled lifetimes together. Like Clove Bud. I swoon over him because he makes me feel like a resilient badass, full of confidence and possibility. A soulful earth goddess brimming with love and warm hugs. And when we hang with Sweet Orange, I feel like I’m living in my truth and honoring my power.

But even badasses have bad days and whenever anxiety and self-doubt start to grip at my chest, soothing Lavender takes me to my peaceful place. And it was Rose Absolute and Geranium to the rescue when I experienced the worst of worst heartbreaks. They each held my hand, compassionately listened to my pain, and supported me until my heart felt ready to love again.

But there are EOs like Vetiver who, for me, are an acquired taste; which means putting aside my initial judgments and looking beyond his “aromatic awkwardness” in order to appreciate his true essence. And while his power may feel overwhelming at first, he definitely has a way of grounding me and making me feel safe. It’s then that I notice his sweet humility.  

Another big personality is Opopanax who’s really only tolerable in the presence of others. But I admittedly kinda dig him when we canoodle with Ginger, Clove Bud, and Ylang-Ylang.

Wanna join the love fest?

Definitely don’t miss out on this love fest! If you’ve got a curious nose, an inclination toward producing olfactory compositions, or voyeuristic tendencies, I invite to you peek in once/month on my budding relationships and deep bonding with Essential Oils. I’ll even give you some yummy blending recipes you can make at home so you don’t feel like such a wallflower.

So many oils. So little time.

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