Budgeting Pilates in Today’s Economy

Pilates certainly feels good, but is it practical in today’s economy? I say – if you value your physical, mental, and emotional health – absolutely! I can personally attest to the fact that Pilates often interrupts the anxiety triggered by feelings of uncertainty, news headlines, and my own Facebook feed. Plus, a good workout always grounds me and redirects my energy toward something more positive and constructive. And even though Pilates is a vigorous workout, it also feels like a meditative ritual that allows me to turn off external demands and focus inwardly. Sometimes, it feels like the second wind I need to help navigate all the pivoting and problem solving that seems omnipresent during this time. The fact that I can reap all these benefits – virtually – feels absolutely invaluable during this global pandemic!

So while many of us are still under quarantine or choose to limit our out-and-about-ness, let’s talk about how we can make our virtual Pilates practice budget-friendly in today’s economy.

How Much Attention Can I Afford?

This is literally the first question I asked myself after the pandemic struck. In Pilates, personal attention costs money. And I like A LOT of attention. But I have to let my budget dictate how much attention I can afford. So here’s the variety of training options I take full advantage of and offer to my own clients:

PRIVATE LESSONS: Most Expensive If you prefer or need to have your teacher’s full attention there’s no shame in wanting to be the star of the show! This option guarantees that your workouts are designed around your personal goals and current fitness level, including injuries or special conditions. Private lessons are also an ideal way to ensure that you’re being challenged appropriately and getting modifications whenever necessary. It’s an opportunity to ask all your burning Pilates questions and work on specific exercises or movement patterns that challenge you the most. For me, private lessons feel like the most transformative ones.

However there are far more affordable ways to experience “Aha!” moments and grand epiphanies in your virtual Pilates practice if you can handle a little less personal attention.

Budget Friendly Pilates Options

GROUP MAT CLASSES: Least Expensive First of all, there’s nothing like the collective energy of group classes; even if your class is formatted into Brady Bunch squares on your laptop. It’s great knowing that other people quite possibly rolled out of bed and onto their Mat too. Or that they’re also working remotely while managing their kid’s virtual education; and yet somehow carved out an hour to recharge with Pilates. (You’re my superheroes!)

And #realtalk: sometimes you don’t want all eyes on you. You wanna blend into the crowd but still benefit from a lil’ motivation and accountability. Plus, if your teacher is really good, they’ll still deliver some personalized teaching gems so you don’t feel lost in the guessing game of “Am I even doing this right?”. Yes, your personal Pilates practice can thrive in virtual group classes! I’ve witnessed it throughout the pandemic.

PILATES FREEBIES: You can’t get more budget-friendly than seeking out free content from some of your favorite teachers via their websites, YouTube or IGTV Channels. So go see what’s available to you!

Commit To The Work. Consistently.

If you will faithfully perform your Contrology exercises regularly only 4 times a week for just 3 months…you will find your body development approaching the ideal accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement.” 

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

If you really want to make your investment worth it, ditto what Joe said. And even if 4 times a week feels inconceivable right now, the key is to create a workout schedule that 1.) you can afford and 2.) you can commit to consistently. Maybe that’s one group class a week. Or it might include a combo of Private Pilates lessons, group classes, and/or freebies. Do whatever your time and budget will allow. And remember the words of Joseph Pilates…

You may derive all the benefits of Contrology in your own home.

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

I am always here to support your Pilates practice. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about getting started.

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