Learning a new skill makes me feel….

Learning a new skill makes me feel both anxious and excited. Like, am I about to discover a latent superpower or my kryptonite? Either way, if it’s movement related, I’ma go for it! In fact, the more impossible something looks and feels, the more I’m determined to figure it out. Now, I’m not as reckless with my body as I used to be. Age and injury have humbled my aspirations a bit. Like, I can fully accept that no matter how much I sit here visualizing myself as an Agojie Warrior, odds are, I ain’t gettin’ cast in the “The Woman King 2”. Next lifetime, though!

Even if I never become the badass I like to pretend I am, I’m still hella competitive with myself. I’ll relentlessly attempt a new skill even if it requires lots of baby steps, patience and looking like a fool in the process. That’s actually what I love about learning a new skill – the process. Like, what’s more exhilarating than multiple rounds of trial and error followed by a lightbulb moment? It’s that process of slowly inching toward my goal that makes me believe in myself, trust myself and know that (almost) anything is possible if I put my mind, heart, and soul into it. 

I’ve also learned that failure is simply part of learning. If it’s too easy, where’s the fun? Besides, it’s the failure that reminds me that I’m human and not the superhero I’ve always dreamed of being. Oh well. For this mere mortal, it’s my frustration with failure that fuels my playful determination. I love the messy parts of learning because that’s where the “Aha!” moments live. My brain latches onto those insights and, like Google Maps, redirects my route. It’s not always the fastest route, but I eventually get there.

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