Ending the year with a bang looks like…

Ending the year with a bang looks like reflecting on 2022 and finding gratitude even though it’s been a tough one. I feel like I’ve been living in limbo-land just waiting for some miraculous shift to happen instead of pulling up my big girl panties and creating what I want next out of life. So it’s about feeling grounded in my purpose and way more intentional about my choices; while still being open to possibility and unexpected opportunity. It’s also being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy so I’m ready to step into 2023 like “I’m back bitches!”

But ending with a bang also looks like a major financial windfall. Like, playing the NY Lottery for the first time ever and winning mega-millions! And then finding an amazing new apartment in my neighborhood that’s still close to the park and big enough for a fully equipped, in-home Pilates studio. Shit, lemme get a whole entire brownstone now that I’m a mega-millionaire! It’s also meeting a potential life partner without ever having to get on another dating app again. He falls in love with my character, though, and not my money. And he hates New Year’s Eve parties and champagne as much as I do so we create our own New Year’s ritual. 

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