body shaming

I’m Unmotivated by Fitness Slogans That…

because the masses are rejecting their dogma. We resist the idea that exercise is a necessary punishment for the reflection we see in the mirror. We know and believe that exercise isn’t just about whittling our body down to a certain shape and size so that it’s worthy of feeling seen, loved, and sexy. Like, can’t we simply workout to feel good? Can’t we workout ‘cause we wanna feel like a super-heroes; even in our middle-aged bodies? 

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What Reinforces My Negative Body Image Is…

Something that reinforces my negative body image is the loop of negative memories I hold onto. They’re always on standby for any moment that might trigger self-loathing. When that happens, my brain – on auto-pilot – hits “play”; and once that loop gets going, the pause button is hard to access. I am my own worst enemy.

Compounding that is the fact that, as a dancer, I spent my most formative years having my weight and body type scrutinized and criticized. And that bled into my professional dance career.

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