Most people have no idea how good their
body is supposed to feel.



To heal my body. Suppressed physical or emotional pain embeds itself in our bodies and becomes chronic. Massage therapy helps to process and release it.

To relax my mind. It’s in stillness that my clarity, creativity, and productivity thrive. Regularly scheduled bodywork is my sacred time to be still.

To nurture my spirit. Therapeutic touch grounds my spirit, calms my anxiety, and lulls me into a deep state of relaxation which is a treasured opportunity for this busy New Yorker.

How I’ll help you UNWIND:

After years of doing Deep Tissue massage, I wanted to offer my clients bodywork that uproots the cause of their pain and dysfunction, not just glide over it.

Rather than simply working on a local point of pain, I assess your whole body for postural and movement patterns that conflate to create that pain. Using myofascial and neuromuscular techniques I facilitate the unwinding of those patterns by manually releasing areas of restriction, deactivating trigger points, and mobilizing your joints.

Who are my clients:

My clients are busy professionals who recognize that there’s no “quick fix” when it comes to healing pain, restoring physical vitality, or relieving the stress associated with long-held postural, movement, or emotional response patterns. Massage therapy is an integral part of both their preventive and rehabilitative self-care program.


Massage Therapy 60, 90, 120min

I’ll customize a Massage Therapy Treatment Program for you; continually assessing and addressing the root causes of your pain, postural imbalances, and movement dysfunctions. And you’ll experience the well-deserved gift of stillness, relaxation, and deeply grounding touch.

In-Home Massage Therapy 60, 90, 120min

If you prefer to receive massage in the comfort and convenience of your home, and own a massage table, I am available to commute to areas of Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn.

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She just might be the muscle whisperer.

– Alycea Ungaro, Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates