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S.I.T. Day 22: Support Local Businesses

In 2022 I will do a much better job at supporting small businesses because the economic wealth gap in this country is terrifying to me. Call me naive but, I still wanna believe in the American Dream. I still want to believe that ownership and upward mobility can be possible for anyone with innovative ideas, vision and determination. But over the decades I’ve watched NYC, one of the most spectacular cities in the world, systematically devolve into Every City, USA. Once characterized by distinct boroughs with unique neighborhoods, New York has become overrun by big box stores, chain restaurants, banks, and CVS pharmacies. It’s losing its charm and character as small businesses and mom & pop shops can’t withstand NY’s exorbitant rents. Nor can they compete with the one-stop-shopping of, say, Target or the ease of doorstep delivery from Amazon Prime;

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