private pilates

I Prefer Personal Training/Group Classes Because…

I prefer personal training or, as we call it in Pilates – private lessons. Why? Because I like a lot of attention! But it’s not an ego thing. I simply benefit more from a training program designed specifically for me and what my body needs in order to advance my practice – safely, effectively, and strategically. Private lessons ensure that I’m being challenged appropriately and getting direct feedback and modifications whenever necessary. Plus one-on-one lessons are an opportunity for me to ask all of my burning Pilates questions and work on specific exercises or movement patterns that challenge me the most. I can’t do that in the context of a group class because I have to play nice and share my teacher’s attention.

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It’s Hard to Stick to a Fitness Routine When….

It’s hard to stick to a fitness routine when I don’t make it a consistent, non-negotiable item on my calendar. It’s crazy how quickly life can disrupt my workout plans, no matter how important physical fitness is to me or how much I love the way I feel post-workout. And when I say “life”, that can sometimes mean scrolling social media or binge-watching House Hunters on HGTV. “Procrastination is the thief of time” and an energy zapper. Yep, even though I’m a fitness professional that loves to move – on most days – I’m not in the mood to workout.

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Budgeting Pilates in Today’s Economy

Pilates certainly feels good, but is it practical in today’s economy? I say – if you value your physical, mental, and emotional health – absolutely! I can personally attest to the fact that Pilates often interrupts the anxiety triggered by feelings of uncertainty, news headlines, and my own Facebook feed. Plus, a good workout always…

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