Pilates for seniors

Physical Fitness is Important to Me Because…

Physical fitness is important to me because I’ve witnessed the effects of a sedentary life. Physical decline seems to spiral into mental and emotional decline. And I’ve observed what it looks like when you let life happen instead of moving through it with purpose, a sense of adventure, and self-care. But, I’ve also seen what aging can look like if you continue to 1. move your body and 2. nurture your body. It adds quality years to your life. I want that!

I have students up to 80 years old; some of whom are doing advanced Pilates work! It’s no surprise that they also also have active lives.

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In 10yrs I Want My Body to Feel…

In 10 years I’ll be 62 and I want my body to feel like a goddamn superhero! But that’s been my goal since I was 10 years old. I never wanna give up that dream or aspirational mindset because it keeps me active. And it motivates me to prioritize movement, even on days when sloth feels like the preferred option.

My super-hero fantasies, although child-like, motivate me to push myself toward even greater pain-free mobility. This is why Pilates is my jam! It’s not designed for status quo mentality. It’s designed for people like me who want to keep getting stronger, more flexible, more agile and more powerful.

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