New Year

Ending the year with a bang looks like…

Ending the year with a bang looks like reflecting on 2022 and finding gratitude even though it’s been a tough one. I feel like I’ve been living in limbo-land just waiting for some miraculous shift to happen instead of pulling up my big girl panties and creating what I want next out of life. So it’s about feeling grounded in my purpose and way more intentional about my choices; while still being open to possibility and unexpected opportunity.

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S.I.T. Day 1: Play Harder!

PLAY! That’s it. That’s my theme word for 2022. Why? Because Covid has turned me into a middle-aged recluse who’s grown quite content in the bubble of her diminutive NYC apartment. Becoming a couch-potato in overpriced athleisure-wear has become my default mode, despite my inner-child’s guttural scream, “Let me ouuut!”

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How To Not Fail Your Fitness Goals in 2019

The New Year is an energizing time when possibilities seem limitless! January’s air is infused with focused determination as we collectively wipe the proverbial slate clean and list all the ways we intend to transform over the next 12 months. Together we surge toward new goals or the ones that collected dust in 2018. We’re…

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