movement heals

Inner-Peace comes from…

On an intellectual level, I know that inner-peace comes from being present and breathing through each moment with a sense of gratitude. Yada-Yada-Yada-OHM! My obnoxious brain, however, is constantly overanalyzing the past and overthinking the future. I’m a Gemini with a moon in Aquarius, damnit. All that “air” compels me to scrutinize, synthesize, and probe. While my spirit craves inner-peace, my mind loves to live in hypotheticals and “what if’s”. Sometimes it’s hard to catch my breath! And it’s even harder to sleep at night.

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Worry/stress/anxiety feels like…

Worry sometimes graduates to anxiety which feels like a raging fire pit in my belly and a cacophony between my ears. It’s constant. It reminds me of the raw nerves I used to feel before performances. Like how it felt after barely rehearsing a new solo aerial act and performing in front of a big audience with high expectations. Before I felt ready.  Before I felt worthy of having all eyes on me.

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