massage therapy

I Show My Body Gratitude By…

I show my body gratitude by knowing her love languages: quality time and physical touch. As a dancer I’ve had an intimate relationship with my body since I was 5yo. She’s always received my focused and undivided attention. I’ve spent most of my life partnering with her in the exploration of movement; allowing my body to experience its greatest capabilities and wildest dreams. Together we built a dance and aerial arts career; performing on sets and stages around the world. And because my body has so generously allowed me to indulge in my passions, I listen carefully to her needs.

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I Nurture My Body By…

I nurture my body by being a self-care junkie. But here’s the real story: I’ve finally learned to listen to my body after years of ignoring all the warning signs that she’d had enough of this “wild child”. I believed I was invincible. She was on the verge of going kaput. My response? Adrenaline plus ice. But there ain’t enough feel-good hormones or analgesics to sustain the highly physical careers I’ve chosen. My body had to sit me down multiple times – in the form of injury – and hand me ultimatums.

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