To manifest my dreams means…

To manifest my dreams means to actively define them, envision them and experience them on an emotional level before even achieving them. It’s defying the self-doubt and embracing an “I can” mentality knowing that I deserve whatever I can imagine. The hard part is accepting that “manifesting” is not achieved through instant gratification. And as badly as my 52yo ass wants to wriggle my nose for miracles to happen, I know I’ve gotta work for what I want.

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S.I.T. Day 12: My Kinda People

I’m attracting people into my life who aren’t afraid to live outside the veil of their persona. They welcome relationships grounded in authenticity, vulnerability, and truth. My spirit absolutely swells during those “get to know you” kinda conversations where curiosity leads to communication, which leads to understanding and trust – a foundation for real friendship. As a highly sensitive introvert, I recoil at the sound of small-talk. But I come alive during conversations that challenge me to think deeper, experience different perspectives, or completely change my mind. I love spending time with people who are open to sharing their ideas, opinions, dreams, fears and failures. I mean, who doesn’t wanna feel seen, valued, heard and supported?

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