Joseph Pilates

How to Do Pilates Right

When done “right” you’ll progressively build full-body strength for optimal physical function and ease of movement. You’ll feel physically and mentally empowered which will, in turn, have a profound impact on all of your daily lifestyle activities. That type of transformation requires breaking old postural and movement habits and building new ones. So when you’re doing Pilates “right” your workouts will consist of purpose-driven, full-body exercises that revolve around progressive skill-building.

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#1 Requirement for feeling good in 2024

Something that inspires me is Joseph Pilates’ philosophy about fitness. He believed that “physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”. Yes, happiness! And he designed his exercise system of Contrology, aka The Pilates Method, for the “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. What a contrast to the fitness industry that wants you to believe that the goal of exercise is limited to weight loss or trying to look like the “hottest” celebrities and fitness influencers. I prefer Joseph Pilates’ holistic approach to fitness because it’s far easier to make exercise a lifestyle habit when your primary goal is to feel good so that you can live your life to the fullest! 

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Something I’ve been consistent at this year is…

Something I’ve been consistent at this year is Pilates. Yes, I’m a bonafide Contrology Freak™️ but, when life feels overwhelming, I tend to make up random excuses and neglect my workouts. And let’s just say, life has felt a bit overwhelming this year. #realtalk

Despite my passion for Pilates, left to my own devices, I might squander my time ruminating on any and every stressor I can lament over. But, instead, I’ve leaned into my practice as a grounding ritual that boosts my mood and reminds me that I’m capable of transformation and growth.

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My Fitness Manifesto Is…

I am committed to a lifetime of fitness for function, fun, and adventure! I wanna pole dance when I’m sixty… jump out of a plane when I’m seventy… and zip-line through the jungles of Costa Rica when I’m eighty. #claimingit So before the weight of gravity continues to humble my ambitions any further, I’m fighting back with movement!

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If I Could Gain 1 Superpower Via Exercise, I’d Want…

If I could gain one superpower via exercise, I’d wanna teleport like Nightcrawler. I mean, how badass would that be? But that’s more mental than physical, right? So I guess I’d “settle”for Wolverine’s strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, dexterity, and reaction time. Plus his keen senses and regenerative skills! 

Believe it or not, having super-hero aspirations is a major motivator behind my regular exercise routine. I mean, who doesn’t wanna feel ageless and invincible?

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To Me, Physical Fitness Is…

I know I’m under the heavy influence of Joseph Pilates but I’ve gotta agree with his statement that “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”. My fitness level is so deeply tied to my emotional state because, without my health and mobility, I couldn’t do the things that I love with “zest and pleasure” (also Joe’s words). I’m a mover by nature. A dancer. An aerialist. A performer. A Pilates practitioner. And, anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve still got super-hero aspirations. Call it mid-life crisis. I call it optimism.

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