fitness goals

My Fitness Manifesto Is…

I am committed to a lifetime of fitness for function, fun, and adventure! I wanna pole dance when I’m sixty… jump out of a plane when I’m seventy… and zip-line through the jungles of Costa Rica when I’m eighty. #claimingit So before the weight of gravity continues to humble my ambitions any further, I’m fighting back with movement!

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Setting Fitness Goals Is Important to Me Because….

Setting fitness goals is important to me because it’s hard to create any type of lifestyle habit without a compelling reason for it. I prioritize exercise because mobility and longevity are important to me and I want to be as active as I can, for as long as possible. If I forget my “why?” there are a gazillion other things that can overrun my schedule and take priority; even a Netflix binge.

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My Fitness Goals Are…

My primary fitness goal is to simply keep moving and feeling comfortable in my body. For me, comfortable means “athletic”; constantly challenging what I’m physically capable of. Plus, exercise energizes me, inspires my creativity, sparks my productivity and puts me in a much better mood. And it makes me a more confident and better version of myself. That alone is #goals

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I’m Unmotivated by Fitness Slogans That…

because the masses are rejecting their dogma. We resist the idea that exercise is a necessary punishment for the reflection we see in the mirror. We know and believe that exercise isn’t just about whittling our body down to a certain shape and size so that it’s worthy of feeling seen, loved, and sexy. Like, can’t we simply workout to feel good? Can’t we workout ‘cause we wanna feel like a super-heroes; even in our middle-aged bodies? 

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Physical Fitness is Important to Me Because…

Physical fitness is important to me because I’ve witnessed the effects of a sedentary life. Physical decline seems to spiral into mental and emotional decline. And I’ve observed what it looks like when you let life happen instead of moving through it with purpose, a sense of adventure, and self-care. But, I’ve also seen what aging can look like if you continue to 1. move your body and 2. nurture your body. It adds quality years to your life. I want that!

I have students up to 80 years old; some of whom are doing advanced Pilates work! It’s no surprise that they also also have active lives.

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How To Not Fail Your Fitness Goals in 2019

The New Year is an energizing time when possibilities seem limitless! January’s air is infused with focused determination as we collectively wipe the proverbial slate clean and list all the ways we intend to transform over the next 12 months. Together we surge toward new goals or the ones that collected dust in 2018. We’re…

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