Authentic Pilates

For Me, Injury Recovery Looks & Feels Like…

For me, injury recovery looks like movement. It’s Pilates with the elimination of some exercises and the modification of others. Sometimes it’s returning to pre-Pilates with deep awareness and breath. It’s paying attention to the imbalances in my powerhouse and working to correct them, even with the most subtle of movements. It’s using all the inherently corrective tools that Joseph Pilates invented to restore the body.

But injury recovery is also PT, acupuncture and manual MFR treatments.

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I Respond to Injury By…

My response to injury is instant frustration and the muttering of expletives because, more often than not, I believe I could’ve prevented it. The overuse injuries, that is. Not the sudden, acute injuries like when I was an aerial artist and someone flew into the back of my head giving me a concussion. But the times when I’d “go hard” and neglect regular body maintenance. Back in the day, I’d return to stage before healing 100%. For example, I’d secure my sprained ankles with tape; and then run, jump and stomp onstage, numbed by adrenaline and endorphins.

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I Do/Don’t Push Through Physical Pain Because….

I don’t push through pain because I’ve done it enough to know that pain is a cautionary tale. In fact, the “No pain, no gain” mantra needs to disappear forever because it’s absolutely false. Pain usually means I’m doing too much, too fast, too soon and my body is about to go on strike. But in the past, while doped up on adrenaline, endorphins and youth, I’ve ignored all the pain signals that eventually landed me in the emergency room. Multiple times. And then I was relegated to rest and a boring regiment of PT exercises which really sucked as a professional dancer whose passions and income were wrapped up in my ability to perform.

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Purpose-driven Fitness Is…

Purpose-driven fitness is loving my body and loving myself. It’s sticking to a consistent exercise program that’s designed in alignment with my fitness goals, my current fitness level, and my learning style. But it also honors the way I love to move and feel in my body. It challenges my body enough to change it without injury. And each challenge teaches me about my ability to lean into awkwardness and self-doubt to discover what I’m capable of with consistency, time and effort. Purpose-driven fitness reveals my strength, tenacity, and resilience.

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I Prefer Gym/Home Workouts Because…

I prefer in-studio workouts but the pandemic has gotten me accustomed to training virtually at home. I love going into a Pilates studio for private lessons because it has all the equipment I can’t fit into my apartment but is integral to the Pilates Method of training. When lockdown began, all I owned was a Gratz Low Folding Mat, a Spine Corrector and some small props.  And I felt so lucky. I did RTL Mat 6 days/week and couldn’t believe how strong I got. Those 34 exercises ain’t no joke when it comes to delivering a sweaty, heart-pumping, full-body workout; especially when done in 34min. It really reinforced the value of intentional exercise, repetition, and moving your joints through their full ranges of motion.

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I Prefer Personal Training/Group Classes Because…

I prefer personal training or, as we call it in Pilates – private lessons. Why? Because I like a lot of attention! But it’s not an ego thing. I simply benefit more from a training program designed specifically for me and what my body needs in order to advance my practice – safely, effectively, and strategically. Private lessons ensure that I’m being challenged appropriately and getting direct feedback and modifications whenever necessary. Plus one-on-one lessons are an opportunity for me to ask all of my burning Pilates questions and work on specific exercises or movement patterns that challenge me the most. I can’t do that in the context of a group class because I have to play nice and share my teacher’s attention.

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