S.I.T. Day 29: I Am Not a Super-Hero

As much as I’ve always wanted to be a super-hero, I will love myself better by remembering that I am not, in fact, super-human. That I’m actually powered by rest, food, oxygen; water, a clean & healthy environment, touch; movement and personal space to recharge. When I maintain those power sources, I am capable of extraordinary things because I have energy, strength, emotional balance, and mental clarity. I’ve learned the hard way that caffeine and adrenaline aren’t lasting power sources.

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S.I.T. Day 11: Aging is a B*tch!

Y’know what I want less of in my life? AGING! There, I said it. Oh, I want all fifty-one years of experience I’ve accumulated and the wisdom that comes from life lessons and the power of choice. And I ain’t givin’ up this feeling of sitting in my own skin, all comfy-lomfy; living boldly and audaciously with zero f**ks given. And I’ll never retreat to my former people-pleasing self, either. I’ma continue basking in all this vulnerability and authenticity; feelin’ like Maya Angelou “phenomenal woman, that’s me.”

What I want less of, though, is…

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