MOVE Like a Contrology Freak

Hack The Hundred

THE HUNDRED is the warm-up for the original series of 34 Pilates Mat exercises. It instantly connects you to your body, mind, and breath; preparing you for the following 33 exercises. Here are some pro tips:


  • Maintain your CHEST CURL & support the weight of your legs by SCOOPING YOUR POWERHOUSE in & up.
  • Pump your arms vigorously, within a radius of 6-8”.


  • Mentally count 5 arm pumps as you inhale, and 5 arm pumps as you exhale.
  • Concentrate on SCOOPING YOUR POWERHOUSE in & up for the duration of the exercise.


  • Inhale for 5 full counts. Exhale for 5 full counts.
  • If possible, only breathe through your nose.

Squeeze every atom from your lungs until they are almost as free of air as a vacuum… observe how your lungs will automatically completely refill themselves with fresh air.”

- Joseph Pilates

(Creator of Contrology, aka the Pilates Method)