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Pilates: How To Get Your Money’s Worth

“Physical fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking nor by outright purchase.”

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

Now more than ever we need a regular movement practice for our physical, mental and emotional health. (In my humble opinion) Classical Pilates is an ideal movement practice for feeling grounded, strong, centered and focused while helping us to stave off stress and anxiety. It can feel like an invigorating second wind that helps us navigate all the pivots, changes, and problem solving we’re faced with daily. Or even a meditative ritual that allows us to turn off external demands, focus inwardly, and take care of Self.

But as the world economy and entire industries are crumbling, the reality of a BUDGET might deter us from prioritizing the needs of our body, mind, and spirit. Of course a movement practice feels good, but is it practical? If you value your physical, mental, and emotional health – absolutely! So in today’s tenuous economy you want to get your money’s worth out of each session.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth starts with clear intention & consistent action. So, ask yourself:

  1. Why am I taking Pilates? When you know what kind of workout experience you want and what you’d like to achieve through a consistent Pilates practice, you can kinda figure out how much personal attention and instruction you need from a teacher.
  2. do you just need some accountability and direction to get on the Mat
  3. What do I want to experience and achieve in my workouts?
  4. How much money, time & effort am I willing to commit toward those goals? 

Know Your “Why”

Unless your corner of the world has re-opened its gyms and boutique fitness studio business, most of us have found incredible value in virtual workout options ranging from Private lessons to group classes.

One of the first things your teacher will ask you is “Why did you choose Pilates?”. When you’re clear about your intentions it directs our programming choices; how to use the Pilates Method – with its 500+ exercises and multiple pieces of apparatus – to progressively and systematically guide you toward your goals. And while we’re still social distancing, how to create effective virtual sessions for you even if all you’ve got is a Mat!

Your teacher will use their expertise to:

  • Introduce you to foundational Pilates exercises
  • Challenge you by systematically adding more complex exercises to your workouts
  • Reinforce what you’re learning through repetition
  • Assess your movement skills & continually adapt your workouts based on your strengths, weaknesses, & goals

And, of course, we’ll celebrate all your mini-victories along the way. Your wins feel like our wins too!

“Remember, too, that, “Rome was not built in a day”, and that PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

Commit To The Work. Consistently.

If you will faithfully perform your Contrology exercises regularly only 4 times a week for just 3 months…you will find your body development approaching the ideal accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement.” 

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

The first question most people ask is, “how often should I do Pilates?” Ditto what Joe said. But, I have clients that train with me anywhere from 1-7 times per week. The key is to create a workout schedule that you can commit to consistently. Do whatever your time and budget will allow. That might mean taking Private Pilates lessons or group classes or committing to a combination of both. And maybe even supplementing those workouts with self-practice.

You may derive all the benefits of Contrology in your own home.

Joseph Pilates, Return To Life Through Contrology

This FREE Basic Pilates Workout Video Bundle is the perfect introduction to an Authentic Pilates practice at home. Your only investment is to commit to the work – consistently. After three months, click the contact button to let me know how you feel!

These videos are also a great introduction to my VIRTUAL Group Pilates Mat Classes, Rock Your Powerhouse™. I hope to see you on the Mat!

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